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Name of web site
Robert Meiser's Rock of Chicamauga Page
A long-time supporter of Thomas and author of a book about Thomas which you find on his website.
Civil War News Online version of hard-copy monthly magazine. Covers issues of site preservation, coming events, reviews, letters, reenactment photos, etc.
General George H. Thomas Home Page Dave Mercado's comprehensive source about George H. Thomas, unsung architect of the Union victory. Mercado was the first to launch a Thomas home page.
Broadfoot Publishing Source of books about the Civil War, including the Broadfoot Supplements to the Official Records which contain many reports omitted in the original Official Records. In addition the site offers "SoldierSearch"  for ordering Civil War records and research.
Civil War Archive Detailed information about lower unit levels.
Abraham Lincoln's Research Site By Roger Norton, probably the most user-friendly of the Lincoln sites. More than 13 million visitors since 1996.
American Civil War Round Table (UK) A group of British CW enthusiasts who often astound each other and their contacts in the USA with their knowledge of something that happened nearly a century and a half ago, yet which is as much a part of popular culture in Britain as in the USA. Puts out a regular "Crossfire" journal with lots of articles.
NOAA CW period Maps
The Office of  Coast Survey's collection of historic Civil War maps. Some of the later ones of around 1900 from the War Department can be considered "secondary sources."
Southampton County Historical Society Southhampton is the County in Virginia where Courtland is located. Thomaston, where Thomas was born, is located just a few miles south of there.
American Civil War Forum
Moderated forum which permits one to launch one's own blog. Tone of discussions "civil."
General Rosecrans' Dept.  Of  The Ohio
Renactment and historical society devoted to Rosecrans.
The General George Thomas Project
The Col. George L. Willard Sons of Union Veterans Camp of Albany, NY. Takes care of Thomas' gravesite.
The Society of the Army of the Cumberland
On Facebook. Founder and moderator Peggy Vogstberger.
Comprehensive site about the Civil War, with list of and information about every battle fought inthe war.

Chattanooga has History

A collection of Civil War period photos, many of them of Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, and Chickamauga.
Grant under Fire
A massive, stringent, and detailed examination of Grant’s generalship and character in the Civil War, by Joseph A. Rose. As much about Thomas and Sherman as about Grant since the careers of the three are inextricably intertwined.
A Historical Look at Firearms of the Civil War
A series of articles and essays about the arms and ammunition used in the Civil War.