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Bibliography of useful books about Thomas, the AotC, the AoT, and the Civil War
The books in red are basic. Add the Politics, Practitioner, and Bring Thomas Home articles, and you're set.

1. Robert Anderson:

2. William T. Sherman: 3.  Don Carlos Buell: 4. William S. Rosecrans: 5. George H. Thomas
(pg. 7) "...after many years of reflection, research, and study, the author would rather right the wrong of slander and neglect to General George H. Thomas, 'the Rock of Chickamauga,' than anything else."

(pg. 19) "Gener
al Thomas did more than any other commander to bring victory to the North and to preserve the Union. Paradoxically, American miltary history affords no other instance of neglect, mistreatment, and hatred toward one of unsurpassed integrity, courage, and performance in behalf of his country that even remotely compares with the mistreatment of this great man. The consequences to the Union cause, if Thomas had not made his indispensable contributions at Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Atlanta, and Nashville, prove the point. Certain defeat in either of the two first-named battles, but for Thomas, might well have resulted in permanent disunion growing out of the deadlocked Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia."
6. Ulysses S. Grant:

The definitive biography about Grant has yet to be written. When it is, it will answer the fundamental questions: What was Grant, penniless in 1861, doing in the summer of 1864 with an "investment advisor" named J. Russell Jones, how much money did he pocket from the freedmen forced labor camps in Mississippi run by an officer in his command named Col. John Eaton, and how did that small man steal those big shoes? In the meantime there is:
7.  Phillip Sheridan

8. John Schofield

9. Henry Halleck

10. Battles

11. General reading 9. Relatively recent books to read with at least a couple of grains of salt

Ebooks from Google (searchable in *.htm format)
The HTML texts  (converted from the marginally useful EPUB files) are scanned with OCR and contain more errors than you can shake a pen at. For reliable citations and maps, consult the PDF files which are images of the original manuscripts.

Bickham, William D. (W.D.B.) - Rosecrans' Campaign with The Fourteenth Army Corps under Rosecrans, 1863. HTML PDF
Boynton, Henry Van - Sherman's Historical Raid: The Memoirs in the Light of the Record, 1875. HTML PDF
Cist, Henry - The Army of the Cumberland, 1882. HTML PDF
Coppee, Henry - General Thomas, 1893. HTML PDF
Garfield, James - Oration on the Life and Character of General George H. Thomas, 1871. HTML PDF
Grant, U. S. - Personal Memoirs, 1885-86. HTML PDF
Johnson, Richard - Memoir of Major General George H. Thomas, 1881. HTML PDF
Piatt, Donn and Boynton - General G. H. Thomas: A Critical Biography, 1893. HTML PDF
Schofield, John M. - Forty-Six Years in the Army, 1897. HTML PDF
Sheridan, Philip H. - Personal Memoirs, 1888. HTML PDF
Sherman, William T. - Memoirs, 1875. HTML PDF
Van Horne, Thomas B. - History of the Army of the Cumberland, 1875.
Van Horne, Thomas B.  - The Life of Major General George H. Thomas, 1882, prepared and corrected by Don Plezia and Bob Redman.